B3 Block Based Backups – VPS, Shared hosting and cloud services


Smart backup for VPS and dedicated server

With beebyte’s B3 Block Based Backups service you can back up your VPS or dedicated servers in a much smarter way than with traditional, image or file-based backups. By comparing data changes at block level via Changed Block Tracking (instead of file-by-file), backups can be taken at a very high interval and thus reduce the risk of data loss in the event of a failure.

The standard schedule lets backups run once an hour, always, and the system supports both Linux servers and Windows Server with full support for MSSQL backups and other applications with VSS support.

Designed to handle many files and large amounts of data via “incremental forever” and CBT – Changed Block Tracking.

For the highest security, all data that is backed up in the off-site service is stored in our secondary data center.

The service has full support for VSS and therefore integrates well with many software for Windows Server such as MSSQL.

Using a web-based control panel, you can restore individual files or databases.

Activate in the user portal

By logging into our user portal you can activate B3 Block Based Backups directly for your virtual servers (VPS). Finished installation scripts are available for Windows Server and you can easily set up your schedule.

Start by specifying how much storage you want to use (B3 Storage Space) for your backups. Then install the agent and put your server in the management interface. In normal order you are charged monthly in arrears based on your usage at the end of the month.