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beebyte always wants to change for the better

The fact that beebyte always change things to the better is not news. That is something that we often hear from our customers. The truth is that development, good support and high performance is our main focus and that is the reason why we are the fastest growing hosting company in Sweden.

The improvement we have made today is for our resellers, and it is their turn to make it a little easier in their everyday lives. We have made the customer portal better  for the user experience and for the resellers to have an easier handling of their customers’ services.

Before the update, you had to click on the different customers one by one to see, for example, a customer’s websites and domains. Now you as a reseller can instead activate a reseller mode to easily see the services for all your customers.

Here's how the new view looks to switch between reseller mode and individual customers.

When you activate the reseller mode, you have the opportunity to manage all of your customer’s services from the same view, which simplifies the handling when working with many different customers.

As before, it is still possible to manage their customers and their services separately by activating individual organizations.

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