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beebyte invests in security

We have a few weeks ago activated a new security protection on all our web hosting servers running Linux (Web hosting Linux and Web hosting WordPress). The new protection comes from Bitninja which was the supplier we considered had the best way to solve today’s security challenges:

-Bitninja uses really smart technology to increase the safety of e.g. WordPress. By identifying from which IP addresses harmful code is spread, and sharing that information almost in real time with other bitninja users, the “gray list” addresses are “listed”. This way, traffic from infected computers or servers never reaches the sites, says Simon Ekstrand, CTO at beebyte.

The above is just one example of how bitninja increases security. Another is that in the background it analyzes logs and traffic, scans files and keeps track of changes. All for the safe user experience.

-We tried several different solutions and however hot we are from open source, bitninja was the product that performed best in our tests, says Simon.
Bitninja is the turn-on, at no extra cost, for all web hosting customers. For those who have VPS and want to secure their pages, beebyte can give a really good offer.

Contact us if you are curious. If you are curious about bitninja you can take a look at the video below.

Simon Ekstrand, CTO at beebyte, is pleased with the choice of the smart security solution.