beebyte is now a reseller for ESET – VPS, Shared hosting and cloud services
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beebyte is now a reseller for ESET

We always want to hear what our customers wish for and we often hear from our customers that they are demanding anti-virus on their virtual servers. We can now happily say that we are now resellers and partners for Eset, which offers the market’s sharpest protection against viruses.

Eset anti-virus is compatible with both Linux and Windows.

Eset is a least-proven anti-virus program as it is used by over 110 million users worldwide and although it is possible to make specific detail settings, it usually does not need extra administration. In addition, ESET is extremely lightweight, in other words it does not significantly affect your server performance.

In addition to Eset being sharp when it comes to securing personal information, it is also really sharp when it comes to detecting JavaScript that can be attacked via the browser or attempts by so-called. bot-network to attacked your virtual server.

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