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Even higher performance in our Shared Hosting platform

Today we are presenting a big news in our shared hosting. From today you are available to buy a new type of shared hosting. The new servers has higher performance than our previous one, which means that your website can be processed even faster and give visitors an even better user experience.

You can find the web hosting offer in our top menu under the name “Shared hosting Linux High Performance” or “Shared hosting WordPress High Performance”.

The new version of shared hosting is perfect for those whose website needs to respond extremely quickly and have relatively much code to process.

If you compare beebytes web hosting standard, the new web host is faster processors (CPUs) but has the same good features as our other with staging, NGINX cache, free SSL certificate and the market leading application firewall.

Shared hosting High Performance costs 32,9 euro  / month for up to 2 websites. Obviously no up-front payment, binding or notice period.

– With this offer we take the next step in the development and continue to be Sweden’s most offensive and hopefully best web hosting company. When we run tests on some of our pages we have seen websites loading twice as fast on our High Performance offer compared to our already fast standard plan. It’s a little unbelievable considering that our standard shared hosting is already among the fastest on the market, says beebytes CEO Niclas Alvebratt.

The shared hosting runs in our new Compute Zone (High Performance) for VPS servers and thus rests on a secure, scalable and highly accessible infrastructure.


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