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Linux VPS

Fast Linux VPS without binding time

As with all our VPS servers, they are signed without both binding and notice period. You can change the specification on your linux vps at any time and of course do not pay for more than you use. When you no longer want to keep your server, just remove it and no more costs will be charged to you. To see different prices, go to our price page.

konsult timbank

Scale performance as needed

You can change the specifications of your Linux VPS at any time. For example, add or remove memory or CPU.

backup server

Backup and restore

Make backup and restore of your entire server manually or via your own schedule in our control panel.

Network access

Stable internet connection

Our servers are connected with redundant fiber connections to the Internet via one of Europe’s most stable and fast IP networks.

safe server datacenter

Top secure data centers

Our data centers are protected by diesel and battery backup and are guarded by armed guards around the clock.

With us you can choose from a large selection of different Linux versions. Everything from Ubuntu Server to CentOS, Debian and pfSense.

Should you wish, you can connect to your server via VPN. If needed, you can also create your own private network between your servers or connect the servers with IPv6 addresses.

redundans på servernivå

Our VPS servers are installed on redundant hardware. This means that if a physical server breaks, your Linux VPS will automatically start up on another.

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