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New features in the control panel for our shared hosting

Since many years back beebyte has an extended and great partnership with Plesk. Plesk is a market leader when it comes to creating control panels for web hosting, automation and managing of websites. 
Last couple of years, since signing a partnership with Automaticc, Plesk has focused greatly on managing websites built upon WordPress. For example Plesk early introduced the features or creating staging / cloned websites for WordPress, easy installation of SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt and a great tool for checking security compared to WordPress industrial standards and recommended settings.
Last week Plesk released their latest version, called Plesk Obsidian. As this article is being written we at beebyte currently are about to upgrade all our shared web servers to this release. If you are lucky you might already have it on one or more websites!
Below we list the most important news in Obsidian;


The most obvious change compared to earlier version is the new graphical user interface. The new interface is leaner and more light-weight compared to the previous one. Its also easier to navigate and you have more information up-front.

Plesk obsidian look and feel

PHP Composer

Now you can use the PHP Composer without logging in via SSH. With only a click you can install and update dependencies. Thru the UI you can also specify the environment variables and run update and install commands. Upload your own composer.json -file and start using the composer.

Plesk PHP Composer

Plesk on VPS – Virtual Server

For users who runs Plesk on their own VPS there is also a huge amount of new features available:

  • Grafana is now used to generate excellent graphs to assist with trouble shooting and capacaty planning.
  • A new repair kit is introduce to more specific show server health details such as CPU use, free diskspace etc.

The new repair kit is the first release and new features are on its way. For example it will soon be able to show what websites that generate alot of heavy MySQL queries.

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