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Official partner for nopCommerce

beebyte is an approved, validated and public partner for the e-commerce platform nopCommerce. By going through and passing the tests from and we have been qualified for the partnership.

“The nopCommerce team handpicks most reliable and trustworthy companies”

To be approved have to test a series of different tests and have certain criteria. Something that beebyte had no problems with. One must, among other things, offer some performance on their servers, provide dedicated SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) at a reasonable price and make regular backups, etc. Something that did not require any update on our part, as beebyte has always been a high-performance hosting provider and has a great habit of working with nopCommerce as an e-commerce platform.

-beebyte has long experience in hosting nopcommerce and we know that the servers must be stable for e-commerce. Becoming a certified partner for nopcommerce is a natural step and we weren’t really worried that we wouldn’t meet the criteria. But it is obviously fun to have proof that we meet the criteria and that we are the only Swedish hosting company that is a partner, says Niclas Alvebratt, CEO of beebyte.

Russian, which is behind a large part of the open source platform nopCommerce, comments on the partnership:

-“beebyte met all the highest standards of nopCommerce recommended hosting partners test and has the full capacity to launch our platform and perform great.” says Liana Mandzhieva,

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