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The blog meets Björn Lindh, who is Press and Communications Manager at in connection with “Bokmässan” in Gothenburg.

Hi Björn, tell me about what you do at the
Hi, the official name of the organization is Olof palmes internationella center. It is an organization that works with development assistance in 30 countries in the world but also in Sweden. In Sweden, we work by influencing, raising money and informing the public about what the world looks like. The Palmecenter is the Swedish labor movement’s aid organization.

We support various movements that work for democratization, women who live under oppression or support different grassroots organizations.

What are you doing at the Bokmässan?
At the “Bokmässan” in Gothenburg, there is a department called “Globala torget”. All major organizations that work in any way with global development are brought together. For example, Rädda Barnen, the Swedish Church, Afghanistankommitén are here.

We are the project manager of the entire “Globala torget”, and ensure that things happen here. We are planning a program with a lot of different seminars. I think there are about 180 program points here in four days. Of course, we also have our own showcase here at “Bokmässan”.
But the big thing is that we are here to coordinate the various organizations in the “Globala torget” and it is a way for all they are the organizations to meet the public and have the opportunity to inform about what the world looks like.

What was the driving force behind the decision to change hosting provider?
We chose to change hosting provider because it simply did not work with the last one we use. The website was far too slow. The site was often down and we needed a greater security of delivery and a faster site. Today the site is much faster and we have not experienced that the page was down.

When it comes to your website, why is it important?
The website is very important to us. This is our shop window to the public and our member organizations. We use it to inform about various projects, we often publish articles about what we do and and if we have some seminar we publish it on the website.

We are rebuilding it to do so and will make it even more attractive, precisely because it is our biggest shop window where we can show our business.

What do you see as the most important future challenge for you on the Internet?
Is a big challenge that we are not a very large organization and that you have to keep up with, for example, social media. There are endless possibilities with the internet today and it is important to keep up to date. We must be good at everything even though we are a small organization and we do not have the capacity to have a person employed to work with only the social media so it is a big challenge to stay updated.

How would you say that bee replacement is different from your previous operating provider?
In the past, there were a lot of support issues and we had to spend a lot of time on our website so that it could work. Now it just works and the page is fast today. It’s nice to not have to think about it, it just working now.

We thank Björn for the insight into what do!

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