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Set up staging for your WordPress

Staging WordPress – Sometimes you need to create a copy for your wordpress page to test new features or updates. We have integrated a function for this that makes it easier than ever. Start by creating an a-record for your domain pointing to our web server (the information on this is in your control panel) with the value staging.yourdomain.tld.

Then log in to the portal, enter under web hosting, select the current website and press Open control panel.

Now find your page and select “Clone”. 

Below is what it looks like:

The system now creates a new instance and a new database for your site. That way, you can make changes to your staging site without affecting your public website.

Now the copying of your data is started and you can follow the process on the screen.


Now you can manage your staging page just like a regular page. If you want to copy the changes from your staging page to your sharp page, you can do this with the option “sync”. However, be sure which site you want to copy to which. In that case, we copy from our site to


We can choose with great accuracy what to copy.

Now everything should be ready. Don’t forget to add a DNS pointer to your staging page and turn off search engine indexing against it (possibly password protect it).

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