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The blog meets a Beebyte colleague!

Hi Valeriu, who are you?
Hi, as you already know my name is Valeriu, I’m 35 and I’m a happy guy. Living in Cluj in Romania.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Playing with my daughter, hiking, travelling and a little bit of gaming.

What is your role on beebyte?
My role in beebyte is system administrator, I mainly take care that our system is running well and help customers with technical questions.

Why do you think customers should work with beebyte?
Because we all here are focused in first place on the quality of our products. And I think we do a good job and deliver good QoS.

How do you think its work while we have the big distance?
We have a robot that I connect to when we have meetings or when we need to work with each other. Of course I want to be in the office with all other colleagues, but my “Avatar” help me when I feel lonely.

What is the smartest tool with beebytes control panel?
Maybe it’s not the tool but the smartest tool it’s usability, it’s clean and easy to manage by anyone from beginner to advanced users.

Do you have a Bucket List and if so – what is at the top of the list?
It’s really hard to put something on the top but I suppose it would be to see “Aurora Borealis” (Northern lights).

Thanks for getting to know you a little better Valeriu. I hope you someday travel to northern Sweden so you can see Northern lights. Unfortunately, it is not visible from Karlstad, where our office is located.