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The blog meets Aktiv IT Partner Nordic

The blog meets Marcus from Aktiv IT Partner Nordic who is a customer for beebyte.

Hi Marcus, tell us what you are doing at Aktiv IT Partner Nordic?
Hi! Aktiv IT Partner Nordic is a company focused on the IT consulting where we now also can offer copy/print and AV services through our subsidiary Docucash. We have also our service portfolio of educational services through Lexicon. This makes us to a unique local partner with unbeatable service offerings.
We are located in Arvika, Karlstad, Säffle and Årjäng so we are spread out all over Värmland in Sweden but also work with companies around Sweden with offices in other countries.

Marcus Rask, Aktiv IT Partner

What is your role at Aktiv IT Partner Nordic?
I work with sales and marketing. Both sales but above all as customer contact for existing customers. It is very important for us that our customers feel that we are with them in their everyday lives. The customer’s needs are constantly changing and we at Active IT make every effort to be part of their journey and to meet their expectations. A fantastic job!

You have grown a lot in recent years, what has been the recipe for success?
By being a total supplier to our customers, the customer’s IT operation becomes both simpler and more efficient. A customer contact who is in control of your IT environment where we work preventively instead of dealing with fire extinguishing. No customer is too small or big, everyone means the same. We have solutions for all businesses, sizes and have broad expertise for our customers’ needs.

In what way do you collaborate with beebyte?
beebyte is our hosting provider and we have a lot of virtual servers located at beebyte. We also use beebytes shared hosting and buy domains.

How would you describe beebyte?
World-class in Värmland! First-class support where solution-oriented people always are available.

How would you say that 1 + 1 becomes more than 2 when it comes to our collaboration?
Two companies that provide first-class solutions and services where the customer is always at the center. The fact that we speak the same accent and have quick contact for decisions is a big key factor!

Thank you Marcus for giving us a greater insight into what Aktiv IT Partner Nordic does and how you use beebyte’s services.

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