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The blog meets Flinkit, a digital hand extension for everyone!

Hi Andreas and Simon, would you like to tell us about who you are?
We are the founders of Flinkit. We started the idea about Flinkit two and a half years ago. We met Simon and asked if he wanted to be part of the company to do the technical. So he has done all the technical things about programming and everything that has to do with the app.

What is Flinkit?
Flinkit is a digital hand extension for everyone. Which offers students direct help via an app.
Our vision is that no students should end a day with unanswered questions in school work, and all students should be offered the same opportunities to reach their goals.
It is fun because you can really make a difference and that is why we do this, a big difference for society on many different levels.

How does Flinkit work?
Students open the app and take a photo on the question or problem, then the image is matched with a teacher, the teacher can then record a written as well as a verbal explanation via our digital whiteboard. Then it is sent back to the student, the video is saved so the student can see it as many times as the student wants.

Will you cover subjects other than mathematics in the future?
All subjects will be closed, we see no major restrictions. We only have started with mathematics because we have done a survey where we have talked to a lot of principals and they say that 70% of those who need help usually need help with math.
So we have just begin at that end, but the vision is that we will cover all parts.
Another project is that we will start offering other languages. It is an effective way for more students to get help in their native languages ​​more easily. When I told this to the principals, they said that they want help with this type of integration, there are many students who are motivated, but the language is sometimes a limitation.

How did the idea come with Flinkit?
I am interested in social issues. Then when I walked from the university once, I just got the idea and it was really almost a complete prototype of what it is today when it is launched, says Andreas.

Who is the target group for Flinkit?
Right now it’s high school and elementary school. But we are working towards the university to, so in theory the target group is all who are studying.
But we see no restrictions, in the future you might be able to take a photo on what ever you are wondering about and get a video explanation on the subject. So it’s an exciting future for Flinkit.

How does Flinkit use beebyte’s services?
We use the Windows shared hosting at beebyte. I needed a hosting provider with good support for the dotnet core, which beebyte really has. I don’t think any other web host I’ve looked up offers what we need. So we are very grateful to get it for a good price.
We use Plesk which is part of all beebytes shared hosting to handle everything, and it feels very smooth. It’s nice to have access to everything via Plesk.

How does it work technically?
We have our own interface. It is a portal located at beebyte, where there is an API that the app uses. So our whole back-end is placed at beebyte.

Are you satisfied with your choice to use beebyte as a hosting provider?
Very satisfied! It has been very good. We’ve got incredibly fast support when we need it. It feels stable and we always have high performance. We are very happy with beebyte! I use beebyte for all other web development I do because I’ve tested it with Flinkit now, and beebyte really meets all the needs I have on a hosting provider, says Simon.

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