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The blog meets Svenska Husbilsklubben!

Hello Stefan, what is Svenska
Husbilsklubben is the biggest club for caravans in Sweden. The was founded in 2006 and it’s a webclub. Which means that we don’t have a office. Most of our members is from Sweden, but we also have members in Denmark, Finland and Norway. It’s not that common but some of our members is even from Australia.

How many members do you got?
There is 15.000 members who are paying, and every single one is very interested. They create 3.000 to 5.000 posts in a week.

What kind of advantages do you got if you are a member in the club?
As a camper, you join for the community, the meetings and all the advice and tips. But there are also a lot of discount offers that you can use as a member. And because the club is so big, we can help each other with many issues.

What kind of discussions is common in the forum?
The discussions in the forum are very broad, and you can talk about whatever you want to. But a typical thread in the forum is about travel stories and tips. For example what you should visit if you are in a specific city. Another common discussion in the forum is technical problem or who do you do if you want to build a caravan by yourself.

Can you describe what your technically set looks like?
We got a server and a database right now. The heart in our business, the forum, is based on Xenforo and we got a MariaDB which is the server for it. 

We are connecting more parts, mainly a web-based function for finding motorhome places, which are overnight places for motorhomes. It is based on Laravel.

How would you say that beebyte is different from your previous hosting provider?
When we migrated from our old hosting provider, we chose to use Amazon’s AWS platform. It worked well, but when we administer the forum, we missed the opportunity to get support and supervision from a Amazon. So the change was made mainly to get support with monitoring and support for technical problems.

How does performance compare to previous service provider?
Response times are much better and pages with many and large images load faster after the swap, so that is also a big advantage.

Just that we relocated server capacity from Ireland to Sweden certainly facilitates. When we set up our servers there were no server halls in Stockholm.

How do you feel about collaborating with beebyte and our partner Cerpus?
The collaboration has worked well so far. We actually had technical problems during the summer, with an update that went wrong, but Beebyte solved the problem quickly and we got good feedback on what was happening and what the cause was. Which was exactly why we moved away from AWS.

What are your best travel tips?
That was an extremely difficult question. The advantage of a camper compared to a caravan is that you can drive at the same rate as other traffic and we have everything needed. This means that we can visit both big cities and a mountain lake somewhere. There are spots throughout Sweden. But since I rarely have time for real long journeys but still want to feel something other than Sweden, we usually travel down to Germany and follow the North Coast there. Long sandy beaches, small towns with lots of small shops. But can drive an hour or two and get new impressions every day.

Thank you Stefan for letting us learn more about the Svenska Husbilsklubben, and for sharing your experience with change from Amazon AWS to beebyte!