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They built an e-commerce site for Swarovski crystals

Hi Lisa, would you like to tell us what is?
Moonflair is a webshop primarily aimed for nail designers. We also have buyers for other areas of interest, including scrapbooking and makeup.

But our main area is for nails and we want to fill the layer with the most popular for nails, in our case it is Swarovski crystals.

What is the story behind moonflair?
Before we created moonflair, we searched for e-commerce that had everything and a little more. We discovered that it wasn’t that easy. So then we came to the conclusion that we would get our own e-commerce for this product. Now we have the pleasure of having our own website, and we are very happy with that.

How long have nails and Swarovski crystals been your business area?
We have over 15 years of experience with nails. We have both seen how the development has progressed in both the industry and that there is a higher interest in design and form from our customers., the only Swedish reseller of Swarovski crystals for the nail industry.
Christian Schneider at Wonderbird who has built

We then considered that quality was important for the decorations we wanted to work with, we wanted the best quality. We had tested many suppliers and noticed that Swarovski crystals were the best. It was simply the idea of building your own webshop for that.

What is your best tip before you start designing nails?
The end result of a design always depends on how the nail is designed in the beginning. A good nail usually gives a beautiful design and end result. Use good products, play with your imagination and dare to push your limits. You are your own Picasso!

You chose to work with Wonderbird to built your website, did you have any specific wishes before they create it?
We wanted it to look luxurious. It was also important to us that it was easy to search and click around the webshop. We also wanted it to give inspiration and that as a customer want to click around to discover new designs.
We believe that the desire to buy will be better if the first impression is good. We wanted the costumer to enjoy clicking around and being inspired. Wonderbird delivered all of this and they understood exactly what we wanted.

Your website uses woocommerce as an e-commerce plugin. How many products do you handle?
Today’s figures are 205 product pages + variable products.

We also meet Christian who comes from Wonderbird who has built

Hi Christian, tell me about Wonderbird?
Hey! We are a small web agency that has been fortunate to work with some fun customers for the past 19 months. We develop websites, web apps and e-commerce for everything from small businesses to listed companies.

Wonderbird has a collaboration with and has built their website. How did the process go when you did it?
Yes exactly, we built, which is the biggest Swedish reseller of Swarovski crystals for the nail industry. The owners prioritized the exclusive feeling and the buying mood when entering the website. Their target audience is very limited and their behavior differs slightly compared to other e-commerce shops. This meant that we had to think a little differently, for example instead of having several pictures on the crystals there is a video where you can see how it shines.

According to our behavioral analysis, visitors click on the movies 95 out of 100 visits. The store will be launched worldwide in 2020 and it is one of the things I am currently working with.

In what way do you collaborate with beebyte?
Beebyte is my “to-go” hosting provider. I got my first server (VPS) there a few years ago and am incredibly pleased. Now I have three servers and about 40 of my clients on them. I still haven’t had a problem with either the servers or the amazing people in the company.

What sets us apart as an operating provider compared to what you have used before?
Basically, I was looking for something that would feel a bit faster, as well as some that were at the forefront of WordPress hosting. Beebyte had an incredibly good reputation and I tried setting up my first server “Optimus” with them and since then I have never looked back. Speed, stability, operation, support are 10 points in my opinion. If you need to get a server, you should have some control as you get to fix everything yourself when it rolls. But if you have it then it is clean.

Do you get the help you expect when you contact the support?
Yes indeed. I get good help when I contact support, and they are very quick. I also get good tips and inputs when I contact the support and wonder something technically about which I do not have 100% knowledge. Super!