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Viva media and Beebyte begin to collaborate

Beebyte and Viva Media have started a collaboration. The fact that two of the market’s foremost players are doing something together will see the end customers benefit from being able to have an even better online presence.

Viva media is one of the Nordic region’s largest agencies when it comes to digital marketing – a full-service agency that is at the forefront and works with major brands. Viva Media works on strategic decisions to increase the profitability of its customers. With nearly 100 employees, spread across Sweden and Norway, Viva Media is one of the market’s most important players.

Good hosting that makes a website always accessible and responds quickly is an important component of being able to rank high on search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of Viva Media’s parades where they work to help well-known brands such as the Frälsningsarmén, Wexthuset and Smart Photo.

-We are of course extremely pleased that Viva Media and beebyte can work together. We are both companies that are curious about new technology and who love to be at the forefront of what we do. This collaboration is yet another acknowledgment that our heavy investments in building the market’s best hosting services are delivering results and attracting quality focused suppliers, comments Niclas Alvebratt, CEO of beebyte AB.

What was the decision points for Viva Media to start the collaboration?

Joachim Almeke at Viva Media says that he has tested many suppliers before he decided that beebyte was what he was looking for.

-After careful research on 15 known web hosting companies, we chose beebyte as the performance was extremely good at a reasonable price for our customers. I set up 15 different test accounts with one and the same WP page at different hosting providers. Then I tested, among other things. response times 2-3 times daily over a 3-week period to find out how stable suppliers were when it comes to server response time. Beebyte was able to deliver a very smooth and good result over time.

Together, beebyte and Viva Media estimate that they will initially work on some 100 different projects.

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