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What is a domain?

Welcome to “the web hosting school”. In this section, we will answer and explain one of the most basic questions: what is a domain? and what to consider when deciding a domain name.

What is a domain? A domain is an address on the internet. What you type in your web browser to access a web page. Actually, the domain name itself is a number combination called IP address.

To make it easier to visit your website, it is easier to buy a domain name instead of, for example, visiting address: (an IP address) so you should buy a domain name instead, an example of a domain is www.beebyte.io

All communication or visits of websites on the internet are controlled in the same way as a telephone number. For example, when you pick up the phone and dial a telephone number, you are connected to a telephone mast, and then reach the recipient of the telephone number. When you pick up a web browser and enter a domain name, you contact a server who then delivers the web page to you.

How is a domain structured?

A domain is constructed with several different parts where the subdomain comes before the specific address. The main domain is in beebyte’s case beebyte. And top level domains are .io

It is not uncommon for a blog to have the domain name www.blog.yourblogname.com Then blog is your main domain. But if you instead buy a domain name then you can instead direct your visitors from www.yourblogname.com to the blog itself and then your blog name is the main domain.

Top Domain (gTLD)

When you select a domain, you also select a top level domain. Each country has its own top level domain and that is what is visible by the name itself. Sweden have the top-level domain .se, in Norway they have .no or in Poland they have .pl

But there are also some so-called generic top-level domains that are not linked to any country. For example .com, .org or .net

Once you have come up with a domain name, it is important that you buy it because there is the opportunity for others to buy it and then it gets busy. Once you have chosen the domain, you must store your web page on a web host. 

Beebyte provides web hosting and with us you can order both domain names and web hosting with a few simple button presses. After that, just create your web page in for example WordPress.

It can be good to remember that the domain name should be easy to remember and it is most common to choose the company name when choosing a domain name. It can also be a good tip to not have different characters in the main domain. It is possible to use å, ä or ö but it is not entirely optimal. Partly because you may in the future reach out globally, but also because most people do not know that you can use å, ä or ö in the domain and thus your direct traffic can decrease because your visitors will not automatically understand it.

To keep in mind when registering a domain:

Choose your domain name carefully before deciding to buy the domain is important when you want to get a strong identity on the internet.

The most important thing from this section of the web hosting school:

  • a domain is an address
  • Technically, a domain is an IP address
  • To make it easier to visit your website, you need to buy a domain
  • Each country has its own top level domain
  • You need a web host as soon as you have purchased a domain
  • Think about your choice of domain name

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