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Windows VPS
Windows Server Hosting

Our VPS platform is created for and ready for automation. Our users have access to a wast amount of virtual machine templates, including the latest versions of Windows Server. For example, you can create a Windows Server based on Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 straight from our control panel.

You also have the ability to write your own automation scripts (so called recepies) to automate installation and actions even further. Of course, you can manage and administrate/schedule backups and restore from our control panel as well.

You are able, without any interference from us, to customize and manage your server. Everything from connecting via a HTML5 based console to reboot or boot your server from an ISO -image is available from our interface. Want to increase the disk space on your server? No worry – that among a lot other features are available from the web based server manager.

All VPS server are delivered without agreement based lock-in. Use them on a per hour basis and pay based on your time of usage.


Assign public IPs, adjust network settings and create firewall rules, all thru our server manager. The basic protection is there as the servers are delivered from a super safe data center in Karlstad Sweden, guarded by armed security. All data is stored within the borders of Sweden on high speed, mirrored SSD drives. You can connect to your Windows VPS thru RDP or via our HTML5 based console.

Scale your server up or down in performance according to your current needs. You can also clone your server and recreate it as a template if you easily want to provision more than one server with a similar configuration. All servers are hosted on redundant hardware with automatically fail-over in case of outage.

Dont want to manage your own VPS? Then have a look at our Windows Shared Hosting service.


windows vps create
Of course, all our VPS server are delivered with full freedom to control and self service. You can, by your self, create, change or remove servers.
VPS Plesk kontrollpanel
Your server can be delivered with the control panel Plesk pre-installed. One of the worlds largest and most widely used control panels for managing web servers.