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WordPress meetup in Cluj!

We keep the WordPress community close to our hearts!

We have many smart features in our portal that all WordPress developers estimates. And we think as we work with WordPress a lot is very important to contribute to the community when we can, by spreading our knowledge.

Yesterday was Niclas the one who was spreading the knowledge he got in Cluj in Rumänien, in front of a group of people who work as a web developer.

Cluj is the biggest city in Transylvania and beebyte have their small branch in Cluj since earlier.

The topic of the WordPress meetup was  “Letters that matter: PHP & CDN” and Niclas was talked about how important it is to use the latest version of PHP and how much faster website you can get if you do. But also what the risks are with it and how to handle it. 

After that we drank some beers with the audience, and have such a nice time with a lot of discussions. But above all, we got the chance to share our experiences and listen to the challenges that exist here.

The next WordPress meetup that we are going to visit is the one we organize by ourselfs in Karlstad. The date for that one is 28 of november. The topic for that is when Decision By Heart come and tells how and why they built their own theme.

If you want to attend, there are some remaining places left. If you want to listen to Decision By Heart, drink pilsner and eat pizza and have interesting discussions similar to the ones we experienced yesterday, you are welcome to sign up via the link:

To see the presentation: