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WordPress meetup in Karlstad, Sweden.

Last week we organized a WordPress meetup in Karlstad where we met about 20 people and discussed WordPress. The focus of this meetup was that Niklas Högefjord from Krokedil talked about “WooCommerce Checkouts: Do’s and Dont’s” while we ate pizza and drank beer.

-I think it was nice to meet people and talk. It became a wonderful community in a relaxed way. You simply meet to hang out and discuss something that we have in common, says Monica Björk who was visiting the meetup.

-We do this to make a concrete contribution to the community. By giving more people the chance to participate in relaxed forms, we believe that all can actively participate and contribute, says Niclas Alvebratt at beebyte.

We will arrange more meetups in the future. The next occasion is November 28, and then comes Decision By Heart and tells you how and why they built their own theme.